Pup from 9-4-2017 litter..

pups from 9-4-2017 litter.


What is a Decker Terrier?

A Decker terrier is the largest, more regal version of the rat terrier. They are very intelligent, athletic and fast.  They naturally tree squirrels and raccoon if they don't catch them first. They are good for rabbits ​as they hunt close. They are great varmint dogs and will rid the property of all vermin.  They are also great family dogs. they are good with kids and like to be part of the family. You don't have to hunt or live on a farm as they are loyal pets and like to please. They are quiet unless they are on game or varmints or if something is wrong they will alert you. Other than this they don't bark.   

The pups are mostly black tuxedos with varying amounts of white on the collar. These pups will be 8 weeks and can go home on the 30th of October 2017. All pups have found homes,. Next litter will be this summer,

Mom and dad.

Jenna is 33# and Max is 42#.